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Sam Steel Society

About the Society

The Sam Steel Society is the alumni organization for NMSU's College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Hailed as a brilliant student, and slated to graduate in 1893 from New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Samuel Steel would have been the first person to earn a degree from of the university now known as NMSU. Tragically, he was shot in an alleged robbery. In his honor, we recognize the outstanding accomplishments of all graduates of the college. Members are welcomed in their freshman year at the college and inducted into the society upon their graduation. Members throughout the nation uphold the legacy of Sam Steel through their fellowship and continued efforts which are rooted in their experiences at NMSU College of ACES.

Sam Steel Society Events

Community Engagement and Alumni Network

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The Fix Chile Roast

Sam Steel Society Induction

In a special ceremony before each graduation, ACES students are inducted into the Sam Steel Society in front of family, friends, and other graduates. This unique event is a personal celebration for ACES graduates, as they join society members who, for more than 125 years, use their knowledge and skills to change the world.

Sam Steel Society Welcoming Ceremony

In their freshman year, ACES students are welcomed into the society with an opportunity to "Ride for the Brand". By painting the Sam Steel officially registered brand on their shirt, they are launched into the first steps of their exciting college career.

Council Members

The council is made up on no more than 18 members of the Sam Steel Society and one current ACES student. All former students of the College of ACES who received a degree are regular members of the Sam Steel Society and are eligible to serve on the council.

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Give to the Sam Steel Society

Your donation will help support the Sam Steel Society scholarship fund and annual NMSU ACES alumni events. Scholarships are awarded to NMSU undergraduate students enrolled in the College of ACES to assist with college expenses. Undergraduates are selected based on their “NMSU Scholar Dollar$” application and must be currently enrolled full-time in the College of ACES. Your donation will continue the ACES tradition of financially supporting undergraduate students. Remaining funds donated to the Sam Steel Society are used to host ACES alumni socials at official NMSU events. These events will bring together alumni, faculty, and current students to reconnect, network, and promote the efforts of the ACES college.

Give Back- Supporting the Sam Steel Society

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